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Train your body, mind and soul.


Weapons Training

Attack and Disarm: Bokken(wood katana), tanto (Knife), Jo (wood stick) and Wakizashi (Machete / Small Sword)


Pins & Submissions

Standing and on the ground:

Arm and hand locks, leg and feet pins and chokes.

Classic Aikido

Motion and dynamics:

Rolls, pivot moves, evasion, redirection of attacks and falls.



Zazen, Stretching, Cardio and Breathing:

Learning how to breath and stay calm in a situation. Using all your senses to address any and all situations.

Healing Therapy
Practicing Martial Arts Outdoors

About Us

True path to Budo

At Shiyuukan dojo Puerto Rico we believe that in order to achieve true BUDO we need to work on our body, mind, and soul.  Aikido is not a sport but a traditional martial art that involves meditation, weapons training, pressure points, joint locks, submission pins, throwing/slamming techniques, writing, the study of the principles and it's history, classical motion techniques, classical Aikido demonstration techniques, self defense, and discipline.  It’s a way of living, come join us in our journey….

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